In the Side Dishes section feel free to peruse a few of the recent convent projects that the KFS has accomplished. The coronet, the house name/title, and the house logo are some things we are very proud of. The coronet is what receives the most attention from other houses and the community alike so let’s begin with that. The house started conceiving ideas for a headdress very early on.

         The house wanted something that would reflect who we are and what we wanted to convey to the public if we never got the opportunity to converse directly with them. Geographical inspiration was pulled and the image below depicts some of these alternatives. As we progressed we started eliminating coronets we felt were lost in translation or too cumbersome to manufacture or don for long periods of time (i.e. the tristate, cloche, and bourbon barrel). Eventually the house vote came down to three coronets a KFC bucket, a feather headdress, and a halo.

         The halo was determined to be our coronet (but hold up! what does that have to do with Kentucky?!). The house chose to draw inspiration from our ministry rather than a structure and the halo embodies the silent message we wanted to convey. Because we operate equally in multiple cites we didn't want to choose a geographic feature and let’s face it there aren’t many options. Our headdresses are meant to be reminders to our community and to ourselves of why we are here. The Kentucky Fried Sisters desire to be beacons in the community, we want to illuminate a room and a life if it is in a dark place.

         We strive to be radiant with our love and to help guide any and every person that we encounter. We also recognized that perhaps in a confining space spines on our heads could be hazardous. This is why the KFS chose to use a second “festive” coronet that could be swapped out regularly depending on the need. These greasy sleazy sister have made the KFC bucket our official “festive” coronet and the halo our ‘formal” coronet.

Below you will find some links to projects done by our wonderful Sisters! These include (but obviously aren't limited to) the inital projects that we hope will help thrust our House into stardom! For pictures of the events mentioned in this section, feel free to head on over to our Hen and Cock Gallery, documents on the other hand can be found here!

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