Ken Tagious (Mother Hen/ UNPC alternate/ Mistress of Nunlings)

January 12, 2017

My favorite manifest to date is really tough. I'd say it's tied between Morehead’s first pride and the Mobile dance ministry at North American Bear weekend. Morehead pride gave me the opportunity to experience so many things! Standing up against protesters (and being told I look like the devil) #fashiongoals. From hugging members of the community, to listening to numerous people's experiences. The whole day was humbling. The other was when we found out the DJ was MIA and the disco party couldn't start. What is a sister to do but snatch up our sequins and the Bluetooth speaker. We danced through the hotel hallways down to the lobby collecting dancers and spreading love! It was so spontaneous and beautiful and the reactions are something I'll never forget!

Korri-and-her Spice (Mistress of Overlord Briefing/ UNPC Delegate/ Mistress of the Secret Archive)

February 04, 2017

The first time I saw a Sister was on a televised Pride Parade, when I was a teen. I saw them, and was instantly intrigued. Then as I grew I kept seeing them in rare instances, both on t.v. or on the internet. I was approached by Ken Tagious, and learned what it was I had been seeing all these years. I was definitely ready to begin my own journey.

Mimi Pickme (Mistress of Nunlings)

February 11, 2017

Mimi wants to be the life of the party and wants to spread her joy and love to everyone.  Mimi wants to spread the word on knowing your status and playing things safe.  Finally to take away the stigmas that may be holding you back, no need to be ashamed.  Live Life and Love Life!

HeavenZonFiya (Mistress of the Pink Fuzzy Box)

March 09, 2017

When Ken Tagious came to work and was so excited to tell me about these awesome ‘nun clowns’. My first reaction was to laugh and think it was too silly to be true. Then he began to tell me what all they did for the community and I was intrigued.  It took some coaxing because I wasn’t sure about dressing up and especially painting my already beautiful face. ;) After attending a few events where he was manifesting, I decided I would give it a try.

Peeping Thom (Master of the Quill)

January 14, 2017

My name is a play on my middle name (Thomas) and our five “children” (cats) all being males. “Peeping” was a play on the fact that I find voyeurism kind of hot. Lol!

Angel Jesse (Master of the Fuzzy Coin Purse)

March 19, 2017

 As an Angel, I want to support KFS to be the best it can. An Angel position is perfect for me because I am a “behind the scenes” type of person. I joined the Kentucky Fried Sisters it's a good venue for Meeting/making new friends.  Using my skills and background in business and accounting to accomplish the goals of KFS.  Make the world, especially central Kentucky, a better place for all. I also wanted to help Jared accomplish his goal of creating a thriving house of the SPI in central KY. My goal is to be a positive role model in my community.  Showing parents (mine and others) that as a gay individual it is entirely possible to be successful and lead a happy life (apparently this is a concern of some so I have been told).

Ginger Balls

February 11, 2017

My name comes from two things. One I am a Ginger (it also helps that I have a thing for gingers). The second is that I love to play sports and what do you play with in sports? Balls.

Val Garity

February 11, 2017

It's a great time. Being in sister face draws people in to ask questions and learn. It's nice to be able to talk to people and get their ideas on how to improve the community. The only way to make a change is by getting all of us organized with everyone's input.

Devilyn Disguise

July 16, 2017

I originally heard about the Sisters from learning about Sister Roma, not long after I found out about the Sisters. When I was going through my name choosing process, I thought something punny with an illusion to drag would be amazing! Thus Devilyn Disguise was born! My favorite things include (but are not limited to) dogs and giving back to the community!

Hugh Bris

August 20, 2017

I have spent a lot of my life and career advocating for others, this is a big part of who
and continue to aspire to be. One day in the spring of 2017, I was getting in an argument
with a friend over the “inconvenience” of a homeless musician panhandling. I was
dumbfounded at this person’s lack of empathy and belief that he was losing something while
this homeless individual was performing for funds. Brother Ken Tagious reached out to me
and said that due to my passion and ability to advocate for others, that the Kentucky Fried
Sisters would be a great fit for me. I was hesitant to say the least, but after discussing how
each member brought their own unique passion and flair to help others in the community, I
came to believe I found a new home for myself. I have several passions; long walks on the beach,
BDSM, and doing the Charizard….. oh wait wrong kind of passions. I am passionate
about advocating for people who are unable to advocate for themselves. Such as people
with disabilities, people living with mental illness, and any group that is marginalized or
deprived of their rights and dignity.

Freida Fondleus

August 20, 2017

 When I first heard about the SPI a few years back, I immediately started playing with name ideas.  My first choice was ‘Busta Browneye,’ cause i knew- yeah, i wanted an innuendo; i’m just that kinda person.  Then I remembered, I went to Catholic school- there was nothing nunish about it.  I wanted something with a fluffy and comforting sound with that old-latin feel in your mouth- and yes, still an innuendo… cause, in general, you are free to fondle. My first manifest was PRIDE 2017. The perfect day to come and play with my new friends.  We were every color of the rainbow, and it felt very empowering to be with the Kentucky Friend Sisters.  I saw community engagement with many different people from many walks of life and that was a warm-snuggly feeling- and it was just what I expected from the experience.I saw how easy it was to open up to sisters.  People wanted to talk to the ‘nuns,’ or ‘clowns,’ or whatever they saw them as that made them feel like celebrating or sharing. At a different event, I accidentally became a glow in the dark face-painter at a GLO event at Lexington’s Crossings Bar.  I used some paint there, but because i was holding a paintbrush and in character- People started lining up and they allowed me creative freedom.  I was three persons deep before they realized I wasn’t ACTUALLY stationed there- but it made them so happy, i was excited to play along.

Angel Adam

April 16, 2017

I heard about the sisters when Ken Tagious began talking to the DCS. I started accompanying him to meetings and manifests whenever I could. When he started the Lexington house with the other founder I decided to become more active in my role and help wherever possible as an angel. I mean, I was already doing volunteer work within the community and doing this allows me to do that with my friends and my partner at the same time. Win-win! My main passions are Gender Identity, Equality for all marginalized groups, and having a sense of humor. Outside of the Kentucky Fried Sisters, I'm also involved in the GSA at UK! As an angel I simply wish to aid the house to the best of my ability whenever possible!

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